September 2019, I changed my career in a way I never thought I would. Having worked as a marketing manager for two years at Germany’s biggest news-publishing company Axel-Springer SE, I gradually felt a growing desire to pursue a more meaningful career. As a consequence, I handed in my resignation and committed to learning how to code in a 9-week full-stack coding boot camp in Tel Aviv, Israel. I learned Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript within nine weeks, and built my very own first project: a social network where you can review movies you’ve watched and create personal watchlists to inspire your community. I am convinced that code is the language of the future and that smart solutions driven by cutting edge technology will play a significant role in tackling our main societal challenges. The solution-oriented and at the same time, creative work in programming was incredibly fun and showed me that you can learn everything with ambition and the right motivation.


Now I am a 30-year-old experienced Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, who wants to change her profession and work for a company with a greater purpose that aims to make the world a better place. With the inevitable climate catastrophe unfolding within this century and the societal challenges it brings, I am determined to use my human capital by working for a company that is committed to engaging in the process of tackling these major challenges. I look forward to contributing my own experiences and insights to develop solutions for current problems and make a relevant contribution.

Throughout my education and professional life this far, I strived to be motivated, innovative, goal-oriented and curious, and to have a great sense of responsibility and reliability. My open and inquisitive nature would allow me to easily integrate myself into a new environment and work closely with my future colleagues.

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